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Pratt Center 60th Anniversary Kicked Off with First-Ever Taste of Made in NYC

18 May, 2024 Event

Sixth Annual Made in NYC Week Opens to the Public on May 10th culminating with Tasting Event on May 18

10 May–18 May, 2024 Event

State Budget Authorizes Major Expansion of Basement and Cellar Apartment Legalization

08 May, 2024 Project update

Housing and Climate Policy in the NY State Budget: Missed Opportunities and Next Steps

08 May, 2024 Testimony

Notes on Centering Communities: A framework for meaningful community participation at Pratt Center

16 Apr, 2024 Blog

Director’s Update (April 2024)

08 Apr, 2024 Pratt Center News

Devour food and drinks from local eateries at this unique NYC festival

03 Apr, 2024 Press

‘Taste Of Made In NYC’ Hopes To Tell City’s Story Through Culinary Experiences

02 Apr, 2024 Press
Photo of the New York State capitol building in Albany at sunset.

Housing deal may include provision to let landlords increase rents on vacant rent-stabilized apartments

02 Apr, 2024 Press
Governor Hochul announces A Place To Call Home: Expanding Affordable Housing initiative in 2022

Stalemate between real estate industry, unions complicating NY budget talks

25 Mar, 2024 Press
Aerial view of a neighorhood in NYC that includes buildings of many sizes, types and colors.

‘Landlords Just Went Wild’: A Brief History of Vacancy Deregulation in New York

20 Mar, 2024 Press

New Policy Brief: Attack on Affordability

05 Mar, 2024 Pratt Center News

Comments on City of Yes for Economic Opportunity Zoning Text Amendment

15 Feb, 2024 Testimony

Notes on reviving the Bronx’s Westchester Avenue train station

15 Feb, 2024 Blog By Stephen Davies, Penny Lewis, Yash Loganathan

Removing Barriers to Enable Basement Apartment Conversions in NYC

14 Feb, 2024 Testimony By Sylvia Morse

Notes on the Hudson River Access Project

06 Feb, 2024 Blog By Sara Eichner, Sara Hodges
Officials toured a flooded street in Queens the day after the Hurricane Ida, where tenants were killed by floods in a basement apartment.

Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

NYC basement legalization plan caught in Albany’s housing gridlock

01 Feb, 2024 Press

Ensuring equity in building decarbonization

20 Dec, 2023 Testimony

Zoned In: What “City of Yes” Means for Nightlife & Creative Spaces

12 Dec–14 Dec, 2023 Event

Director’s Update (December 2023)

11 Dec, 2023 Pratt Center News
Officials toured a flooded street in Queens the day after the Hurricane Ida, where tenants were killed by floods in a basement apartment.

Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

They’re currently illegal, but the mayor is betting on basement apartments to boost housing supply

20 Nov, 2023 Press

Directions to Pratt Center

15 Nov, 2023 Pratt Center News

Comments on City of Yes for Housing Opportunity Draft Scope

06 Nov, 2023 Testimony

Why the New York City floods should be a wake-up call

06 Oct, 2023 Press

Friday’s floods and our call to action

03 Oct, 2023 Project update

So…what ever happened to setting up safer basement apartments in New York?

29 Sep, 2023 Press

Basement apartments can be deadly in rain storms. Why does the city want to legalize them?

29 Sep, 2023 Press
2 stalled cars are submerged in floodwaters on 9th Street near 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn.

NYC Flooding Renews Calls for Safer Basement Apartments

29 Sep, 2023 Press
2 stalled cars are submerged in floodwaters on 9th Street near 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn.

‘Predictable Emergencies:’ NYC Flash Floods Spur Renewed Calls for Basement Legalization

29 Sep, 2023 Press
Two dozen young men and few other people waving a collection of handmade signs that read, “Metro=Hazard Privatize Now,” “Can’t PokeGo Metro Slow,” “The Metro is More Lit Than My Mixtape” and “Bro, do you even Metro?” as part of a protest in Dupont Circle in July 19, 2016.

Disrupting DC Book Talk: The Rise of Uber and the Fall of the City

29 Sep, 2023 5:30 pm Event

2 years after Hurricane Ida deaths, are NYC’s basement apartments any safer?

22 Sep, 2023 Press

Director’s Update (September 2023)

21 Sep, 2023 Pratt Center News

A Traveling Memorial for the Victims of Ida

20 Sep, 2023 Project update

Meet our 2023-2024 Graduate Fellows

20 Sep, 2023 Pratt Center News

BK’s 4 Community Land Trusts Could Revolutionize Affordable Housing, Experts Say

18 Sep, 2023 Press

Gaining Ground Panel Discussion

12 Sep, 2023 Event

Rabble Rousers Film Screening

09 Sep, 2023 3:00 pm Event

Alexa Kasdan appointed Executive Director of the Pratt Center for Community Development

31 Jul, 2023 Press

A Message from Pratt Center’s New Executive Director

26 Jul, 2023 Pratt Center News

Alexa Kasdan Named Executive Director of the Pratt Center for Community Development

26 Jul, 2023 Pratt Center News

NYC residents get a leg up in housing lotteries in their own neighborhoods. Does that perpetuate segregation?

26 Jun, 2023 Press

Opinion: Albany, stop making excuses for keeping basement homes unsafe

26 Jun, 2023 Press

Notes on Project Green Light

22 Jun, 2023 Blog By Lisa Berglund

Surveillance City

15 Jun, 2023 Interview By Lisa Berglund, Albert Fox Cahn

Battle for Legal and Safe Basement Apartments

02 Jun, 2023 Press

Supporting New York City as a Place of Makers

01 Jun, 2023 Press

Mujeres Atrevidas Film Screening

12 May, 2023 5:30–7:00 pm Event

To spur green manufacturing and jobs, will NYC change its industrial zoning?

12 May, 2023 Press

Shop owners promote products made in New York

11 May, 2023 Press

Notes on Documenting Women at Work

11 May, 2023 Blog By Cynthia Tobar

Photography Students Help NYC Businesses Visualize Their Stories

25 Apr, 2023 Press

Queens is the Battleground in State Budget Fight Over Basement Apartments

30 Mar, 2023 Press

Push to make NYC basement apartments safe, legal continues

27 Mar, 2023 Press

The Pratt Center has moved!

28 Feb, 2023 Pratt Center News

Pratt Center Announces Search For Next Executive Director

22 Feb, 2023 Pratt Center News

In Support of a Pathway to Basement Legalization

24 Jan, 2023 Testimony

Notes on Surveillance as a Planning Issue

13 Jan, 2023 Blog By Lisa Berglund

Pratt Center’s Response to the Get Stuff Built Recommendations

15 Dec, 2022 Testimony

Transportation Equity and the Future of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

05 Dec, 2022 6:30 pm Event

10 Years After Sandy, Renters Remain Most Vulnerable to the Impacts of Climate Change

28 Oct, 2022 Press

Four Notes on Riis Beach

14 Sep, 2022 Blog By Addison Vawters

Op-Ed: Basement Apartments Shouldn’t Be Death Traps

01 Sep, 2022 Press

In NYC’s Basement Apartments, Deadly Flood Risks Remain

01 Sep, 2022 Press

Notes on a Year After Hurricane Ida

31 Aug, 2022 Blog By Sylvia Morse

Comptroller Proposes Roadmap to Legalize NYC’s Basement Apartments

29 Aug, 2022 Press

A Year After Hurricane Ida Flooding, Families in Hotels and Basement Protections in Limbo

29 Aug, 2022 Press

In Conversation: Tara Duvivier

17 Aug, 2022 Interview By Elmo Tumbokon, Tara Duvivier

Notes on Slow Disasters

10 Aug, 2022 Blog By Micaela Suminski

Pratt Institute Libraries Unveils Pratt Center Archives

27 Jul, 2022 Pratt Center News

Notes on the L Train

27 Jul, 2022 Blog By Elmo Tumbokon

How to Make New York a City of Dreams for Black Women

13 Jul, 2022 Press

Notes on Nighttime Governance

12 Jul, 2022 Blog By Tara Duvivier

Notes On: A Pratt Center Blog

11 Jul, 2022 Blog By Elmo Tumbokon

In response to arrival of hurricane season, Mayor Eric Adams unveils Rainfall Ready NYC Action Plan

07 Jul, 2022 Press

Another hurricane season is underway and NYC's basement tenants are as unsafe as ever

06 Jul, 2022 Press

Mayor rolls out community-drafted plan to revitalize Hunts Point

15 Jun, 2022 Press

The fight to safely legalize basement apartments

13 Jun, 2022 Press

Harnessing the Power of Free Data

31 May, 2022 1 – 3 pm Event

Opinion: Pass good cause eviction to keep New Yorkers housed

25 May, 2022 Press

Report seeks to rebut concerns about ‘good cause’ legislation and new construction

09 May, 2022 Press

Lawmakers change strategy for legalizing NYC’s basement apartments

03 May, 2022 Press
The number 8 paints the number 2 on a canvas while the number 2 poses in the background while balancing on one foot.

Visualizing Data for Greater Impact: An Intro to Visualizing with Tableau Public

27 Apr, 2022 11:00 am–1:00 pm Event

Out of the Box: Empowering Community, the Birth and Future of a Movement

05 Apr, 2022 6:30 pm–8:00 pm Event

Will Ending a Lucrative Tax Break Ease or Fuel the NYC Housing Crisis?

31 Mar, 2022 Press
The numbers 1, 6 and 4 are sitting in the backseat of a car wearing seatbelts.

Managing Data Responsibly: How nonprofits can protect their sensitive information

30 Mar, 2022 10:00 am–12:00 pm Event

New Report Underscores the need for Good Cause Eviction to Protect Black Renters

28 Feb, 2022 Pratt Center News

Fate of basement unit ‘census’ effort unclear, five months after Ida

15 Feb, 2022 Press

New Leadership at Pratt Center

31 Jan, 2022 Pratt Center News

A big community win for Gowanus

13 Dec, 2021 Project update

Tackling Everyday Data: How well-designed spreadsheets & databases can help streamline your work

09 Dec, 2021 11:00 am–12:30 pm Event

How These N.Y.C. Companies Are Skirting the Supply Chain Crisis

03 Dec, 2021 Press

Gowanus Rezoning Gets 1st Yes Votes In City Council After Deal

10 Nov, 2021 Press

Agreement On Gowanus Rezoning Will Bring 8,000 New Apartments, Public Housing Investment

10 Nov, 2021 Press

Gowanus rezoning agreement paves way for 8K new homes

10 Nov, 2021 Press

New risks from flash floods increase urgency to regulate basements

26 Oct, 2021 Project update

Pratt leads process for resident involvement in NYCHA Sustainability & Climate Plans

26 Oct, 2021 Project update

In Support of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Special District

25 Oct, 2021 Testimony

Meet the 2021-2022 Taconic Fellows

23 Oct, 2021 Press

NYC Funded a Pilot to Make Basement Apartments Safer, But Then It Went Off Track

14 Oct, 2021 Press

Made in NYC Week Reimagines the Future of Local Manufacturing

14 Oct, 2021 Press

The Role of Local Governments in Accessory Dwelling Units

13 Oct, 2021 Testimony

Made in NYC Week 2021 runs from October 1–9

01 Oct, 2021 Pratt Center News

Cities And Homeowners Look For Ways To Prevent Flood Deaths In Basement Apartments

28 Sep, 2021 Press

Meet the 2021-2022 Graduate Fellows

28 Sep, 2021 Pratt Center News

New York floods: calls for action after 11 die in basement apartments

07 Sep, 2021 Press

In wake of deadly flooding, city confronts complex problem of basement units

07 Sep, 2021 Press

Deadly floods expose dangers of New York’s basements

03 Sep, 2021 Press

Those Flooded Basement Apartments are a Deadly Part of the Housing Crisis

03 Sep, 2021 Press

After Fatal Storm, NYC Will Employ Travel Bans And Basement Evacuations

03 Sep, 2021 Press

Victims of New York’s flash floods show how climate change hits the poorest the hardest

03 Sep, 2021 Press

NYC Basement Apartment Storm Deaths Renew Housing Advocates’ Calls for Legalization

03 Sep, 2021 Press

Adams announces support for Gowanus rezoning, with NYCHA repairs paramount

16 Aug, 2021 Press

The Future of Hotel Development in NYC

14 Jul, 2021 Testimony

Network for Climate Action Selected 15 NYCHA Residents to Engage in Climate Solutions

25 Jun, 2021 Press

Starting your data journey: Borrowing tips from tech for your non-profit data team

24 Jun, 2021 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Event

Opinion: NYC’s Next Mayor Needs to Revamp City Planning for Equity

17 Jun, 2021 Press

In Conversation with Daphany Sanchez

17 Jun, 2021 Interview

Want To Support Asian Americans In Fashion? Start In The Garment District

07 Jun, 2021 Press

In Conversation with Taylor McGinnis

26 May, 2021 Interview

Why equity must be central to EV infrastructure planning

26 May, 2021 Press

Talking Hunts Point Forward on BronxNet

25 May, 2021 Press
Worker at sewing machine in a garment factory

Stitching Together A Business In The Garment District During COVID

21 May, 2021 Press

Big fight brewing in NY over what to do with possibly polluted area

14 Apr, 2021 Press

How Oral Histories Can Spark Dialogue Across Communities

05 Apr, 2021 Press

Getting the Data You Need: What’s in the Census

25 Mar, 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Event

Stop Asian Hate

19 Mar, 2021 Pratt Center News

Hunts Point Forward process kicks off in South Bronx

13 Mar, 2021 Press

Farewell to Deputy Director Elena Conte

05 Mar, 2021 Pratt Center News

Comprehensive Planning for a more just, resilient NYC

23 Feb, 2021 Testimony

Hunts Point’s Next Chapter

19 Feb, 2021 Press

What’s happening with basement apartments

02 Feb, 2021 Project update By Rebekah Morris

Coalition pushes legal basement conversion

28 Jan, 2021 Press

Tell the Truth

27 Jan, 2021 Pratt Center News

BASE Unveils Blueprint for Basement Apartments

27 Jan, 2021 Press

Community-driven, social ownership of land for a more equitable city

19 Jan, 2021–19 Jan, 2020 Testimony

Rezonings are about race

11 Jan, 2021 Testimony

City Council Speaker Unveils Comprehensive Planning Legislation

16 Dec, 2020 Press

Housing Fights to Be Heard in the Mayoral Race

10 Dec, 2020 Press

Next Year’s Local Elections Could Bring Racial Equity into New York’s Land Use Process

03 Dec, 2020 Press

How good design advances mission

30 Nov, 2020 Interview

Embodying democracy, equity and sustainability: Our new website

30 Nov, 2020 Pratt Center News

Four Common Mistakes to Avoid when Designing Your Nonprofit’s Website

29 Nov, 2020 Pratt Center News

Land value recovery virtual forum

10 Nov, 2020 6:00-7:30 pm Event

Free Training: Visualizing Data for Greater Impact

30 Oct, 2020 12:00-1:30 p.m. Event

These Wetlands Helped Stop Flooding From Sandy. Now a BJ’s May Move In.

29 Oct, 2020 Press
Three healthcare workers wearing scrubs and masks hold small bottles of hand sanitizer

Oversight on Local Sourcing of Personal Protective Equipment

22 Oct, 2020 Testimony

Opinion: NY Is Not Anti-Business. But It’s Not a Pushover, Either

22 Oct, 2020 Press

Introducing the 2020-2021 Graduate Fellows

21 Oct, 2020 Pratt Center News

NYC is ready for businesses of the future, not the past

15 Sep, 2020 Testimony

Now is not the time to rezone Industry City

25 Aug, 2020 Press

Why digital does not equal green: A leaner, cleaner website for Pratt Center

20 Aug, 2020 Pratt Center News

Free Data Training for NYIC Member Orgs

20 Aug, 2020 Event

RPA releases plan to create 500,000 apartments from single family homes

03 Aug, 2020 Press

Rezoning by the Book, When the Book Ignores Race

16 Jun, 2020 Press

Mayor's short-sighted cuts forfeit opportunity to create up to 200,000 basement apartments in NYC

12 Jun, 2020 Press

De Blasio Knocks Foundation Out from Under His Tiny Houses Push

17 May, 2020 Press

City’s Basement Apartment Program Buried by COVID-19 Budget Cuts

11 May, 2020 Press

PPE shortage shows need for local manufacturing

16 Apr, 2020 8 Press

Local Manufacturing, Buffeted by Development, Gets COVID-19 Spotlight

03 Apr, 2020 Press

A message from Pratt Center

26 Mar, 2020 Pratt Center News

Pratt Center Staff Working Remotely

13 Mar, 2020 Pratt Center News

Free Training (Open Data Week)

03 Mar, 2020 6:00pm Event

In/Visibility in NYC’s Fashion Industry

11 Feb, 2020 3:30-5:30pm Press

Basements: “The key to unlocking more housing for New Yorkers”

07 Feb, 2020 Press

NYCHA Capital Needs Must be Addressed as part of Gowanus Rezoning

05 Feb, 2020 Pratt Center News

Comprehensive Planning for a more just, equitable NYC

16 Dec, 2019 Testimony

NYCHA buildings in Brooklyn cut out of rezoning that could generate much-needed cash: report

11 Dec, 2019 Press

Underwater Drones, Mars Rover Parts and a High-Tech Revival

28 Nov, 2019 Press

In Conversation with New York Immigration Coalition

22 May, 2019 Interview

Brooklyn Pilot Program Eases Restrictions on Basement Apartment

01 May, 2019 Press

Talking Congestion Pricing and Transit Equity with Elena Conte

30 Apr, 2019 Interview

Would a Comprehensive Plan Map a Better Future for NYC?

28 Mar, 2019 Press

Preserving an Important Industry and a Vibrant Ecosystem

15 Nov, 2018 Testimony By Adam Friedman, Former Executive Director

Support for Hotel Special Permits

01 Nov, 2018 Testimony By Adam Friedman, Former Executive Director

Restoring Commercial Vitality to New York City

22 Oct, 2018 Testimony

So You Want to Change Zoning to Allow for More Housing

27 Sep, 2018 Press

Learning from Garment Center Misses and Wins When Seeking Future Mixed-Use Solutions

26 Sep, 2018 Testimony By Adam Friedman, Former Executive Director

Left Behind by the Nation’s Largest Subway System

27 Dec, 2017 Press

Pushing New Yorkers Beyond the End of the Line

28 Nov, 2017 Press

A hated, mile-long highway shows an overlooked problem with America's infrastructure — but it could soon come crumbling down

09 Jul, 2017 Press

Editorial: A Grand Bronx Plan Requires Local Input

30 Mar, 2017 Press

Cuomo Plots Demise of Bronx’s Unloved Sheridan Expressway

19 Mar, 2017 Press

Report Finds Rezonings Threaten Auto-Repair Industry

02 Mar, 2017 Press

Transportation Equity Atlas Debuts

06 Oct, 2016 Pratt Center News

Pratt releases online map of NYC's socioeconomic data and built environment

10 Jun, 2016 Press

Made in NYC Looks to Give Manufacturing a Handcrafted Image

24 Apr, 2016 Press

Made in NYC launches ad campaign: locavores and guitarists welcome

06 Apr, 2016 Press

25 Kent Ave. office project is criticized at Borough Hall hearing

22 Mar, 2016 Press

First public hearing for Williamsburg office project 25 Kent Ave.

10 Feb, 2016 Press

Pratt Center Maps the Urgent Need for Better Transit in Low-Income Areas

01 Jan, 2016 Press

New York's Double-Edged Hotel Boom

01 Jan, 2016 Press

It Really Does Take a Village to Rebuild After Sandy

10 Feb, 2014 Press

How NYC’s decade of rezoning changed the City of Industry

16 Jan, 2014 Press

Bus Rapid Transit Rolls: Pratt Center vision informs agency studies and a City Council bill

10 Sep, 2013 Pratt Center News

Pratt Center to Launch “Amplify Action: Sustainability Through the Arts” Exhibition and Events

28 Mar, 2012 Pratt Center News

Verde Summit Gives Voice to Cypress Hills and East New York Residents

07 Feb, 2012 Project update

Urban Manufacturing Alliance Wins Commitment From Clinton Global Initiative

07 Jul, 2011 Pratt Center News

Participatory Planning: The Sustainability Plan’s Missing Piece

11 May, 2011 Press

In Opposition to 421-a Real Estate Tax Abatement Rule Change

09 Feb, 2011 Testimony

One Tunnel: Two Views of the Future

23 Sep, 2010 Press

Tour the Sheridan Expressway Community Plan

13 Jul, 2010 Project update

Plan to Remove Bronx Expressway Gains Traction

12 Jul, 2010 Press

Training for Green Jobs, Green Buildings

02 Dec, 2009 Project update

Concrete Plant Park Brings the Bronx to its River

30 Oct, 2009 Project update

Partitioned Apartments Are Risky, but Common in New York

22 Feb, 2009 Press

Pushing a New Vision for Willets Point

03 May, 2008 Project update

Housing feud halts $3B Willets Pt. plan

22 Mar, 2008 Press

Regarding the Willets Point Redevelopment Plan

17 Feb, 2008 Testimony By Brad Lander

The City Is Their Laboratory

24 Jul, 2007 Press

From Spare Parts, a Plan to Make Area in Queens a Gem

02 May, 2007 Press

Testimony Re: Willets Point Draft Scope for Environmental Impact Statement

01 May, 2007 Testimony By Mercedes Narciso

Testimony on Reform of the 421-a Property Tax Exemption Program

11 Dec, 2006 Testimony By Brad Lander

Task Force Set to Overhaul Program for Development Tax Breaks (WNYC)

02 Oct, 2006 Press

Statement Calling for the Cancellation of the NYC Economic Development Corporation’s Willets Point RFP

01 Jun, 2006 Testimony By Paula Crespo

Housing Groups Attack Luxury Units' Tax Breaks (NYTimes)

12 Apr, 2006 Press