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Rezonings are about Race

11 Jan, 2021 Testimony

City Council Speaker Unveils Comprehensive Planning Legislation

16 Dec, 2020 Press

Housing Fights to Be Heard in the Mayoral Race

10 Dec, 2020 Press

Next Year’s Local Elections Could Bring Racial Equity into New York’s Land Use Process

03 Dec, 2020 Press

How good design advances mission

30 Nov, 2020 Pratt Center News

Embodying democracy, equity and sustainability: Our new website

30 Nov, 2020 Pratt Center News

Four Common Mistakes to Avoid when Designing Your Nonprofit's Website

29 Nov, 2020 Pratt Center News

Virtual Forum: Whose Value? Land value recovery and the equitable city

10 Nov, 2020 6:00-7:30 pm Events

Free Training: Visualizing Data for Greater Impact

30 Oct, 2020 12:00-1:30 p.m. Events

These Wetlands Helped Stop Flooding From Sandy. Now a BJ’s May Move In.

29 Oct, 2020 Press

Opinion: NY Is Not Anti-Business. But It’s Not a Pushover, Either

22 Oct, 2020 Press

Oversight on Local Sourcing of Personal Protective Equipment

22 Oct, 2020 Testimony

Introducing the 2020-2021 Graduate Fellows

21 Oct, 2020 Pratt Center News

NYC is ready for businesses of the future, not the past

15 Sep, 2020 Testimony

Now is not the time to rezone Industry City

25 Aug, 2020 Press

Free Data Training for NYIC Member Orgs

20 Aug, 2020 Events

Why digital does not equal green: A leaner, cleaner website for Pratt Center

20 Aug, 2020 Pratt Center News

RPA releases plan to create 500,000 apartments from single family homes

03 Aug, 2020 Press

Rezoning by the Book, When the Book Ignores Race

16 Jun, 2020 Press

Mayor's short-sighted cuts forfeit opportunity to create up to 200,000 basement apartments in NYC

12 Jun, 2020 Press

De Blasio Knocks Foundation Out from Under His Tiny Houses Push

17 May, 2020 Press

City’s Basement Apartment Program Buried by COVID-19 Budget Cuts

11 May, 2020 Press

PPE shortage shows need for local manufacturing

16 Apr, 2020 8 Press

Local Manufacturing, Buffeted by Development, Gets COVID-19 Spotlight

03 Apr, 2020 Press

A message from Pratt Center

26 Mar, 2020 Pratt Center News

Pratt Center Staff Working Remotely

13 Mar, 2020 Pratt Center News

Free Training (Open Data Week)

03 Mar, 2020 6:00pm Events

In/Visibility in NYC’s Fashion Industry

11 Feb, 2020 3:30-5:30pm Press

Basements: “The key to unlocking more housing for New Yorkers”

07 Feb, 2020 Press

NYCHA Capital Needs Must be Addressed as part of Gowanus Rezoning

05 Feb, 2020 Pratt Center News

Comprehensive Planning for a more just, equitable NYC

16 Dec, 2019 Testimony

NYCHA buildings in Brooklyn cut out of rezoning that could generate much-needed cash: report

11 Dec, 2019 Press

Underwater Drones, Mars Rover Parts and a High-Tech Revival

28 Nov, 2019 Press

Brooklyn Pilot Program Eases Restrictions on Basement Apartment

01 May, 2019 Press

Would a Comprehensive Plan Map a Better Future for NYC?

28 Mar, 2019 Press

So You Want to Change Zoning to Allow for More Housing

27 Sep, 2018 Press

Left Behind by the Nation’s Largest Subway System

27 Dec, 2017 Press

Pushing New Yorkers Beyond the End of the Line

28 Nov, 2017 Press

A hated, mile-long highway shows an overlooked problem with America's infrastructure — but it could soon come crumbling down

09 Jul, 2017 Press

Editorial: A Grand Bronx Plan Requires Local Input

30 Mar, 2017 Press

Cuomo Plots Demise of Bronx’s Unloved Sheridan Expressway

19 Mar, 2017 Press

Pratt releases online map of NYC's socioeconomic data and built environment

10 Jun, 2016 Press

One Tunnel: Two Views of the Future

12 Jul, 2015 Press

Verde Summit Gives Voice to Cypress Hills and East New York Residents

07 Feb, 2012 Press

Plan to Remove Bronx Expressway Gains Traction

12 Jul, 2010 Press