Free Data Training for NYIC Member Orgs

There has been a recent explosion in free and low-cost, online data tools and resources that can help non-profits access and share new information to achieve greater impact. As the availability of these tools continues to grow, organizations have an opportunity to improve their capacity to collect, interpret, and incorporate data into their work. 

In order to help groups take advantage of this opportunity, Pratt Center for Community Development is offering a free series of workshops to New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) member organizations. 


The specifics of the curriculum are to be determined but will include several of these topics:

  • Using online datasets and tools to assist with program development, public education, and fundraising
  • Techniques and tools for organizing, analyzing, and synthesizing data
  • Communicating and visualizing data (e.g., charts, graphs, maps, infographics)Community-generated data: collecting and depicting quantitative and qualitative primary data (e.g., surveys, client data)
  • Assessing quality and relevance of one data set over another 

Pratt Center will have a conversation with each selected participating organization to get a deeper understanding of how they already use data and what their aspirations are for expanding its application. This will inform the creation of a customized curriculum to address overlapping areas of interest. 


Pratt Center’s data and mapping specialist will lead a series of training sessions in a small and personalized setting. (Given the COVID pandemic, they will likely be held over video conference.) The small format will create a space for interaction so that participants can together explore data and methods that are most relevant to their shared mission and program goals.  

The training series will launch in the fall of 2020 and be conducted in three two-hour sessions held about two weeks apart. Interested organizations will complete a short application, and a staff person from approximately five member organizations will be selected to participate. It is expected that participating organizations will commit to attending all three sessions.


In 250 words or less, briefly describe:

  • What your organization does
  • What you hope to gain from a data workshop that will help your organization advance its efforts 

Applications are due by Friday August 21, 2020. Please submit your application via email to Paula Crespo:


20 Aug, 2020

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Please submit your application via email to Paula Crespo:

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Applications are due by Friday August 21, 2020.