About Us

Pratt Center for Community Development works for a more just, equitable and sustainable New York City in partnership with community-based groups, small businesses, and policymakers.


Local Knowledge & Democratic Process

Residents are the best experts to consult when it comes to their communities’ needs, challenges, and opportunities, and the voices of residents who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color must be at the forefront to overcome the legacy of their repeated silencing. Our on the ground partnership with community groups informs our policy work, and our policy platforms mirror community needs.

Genuine Exchange Leads to Transformative Planning

Every partnership is an opportunity for active listening, exchange, and to engage in a process that shapes Pratt Center staff and practices as much as it shapes our community partners.

Creativity & Innovation

We are guided by the belief that achieving a community’s vision and breaking out of stale paradigms are borne from questioning assumptions, making bold choices, and being open to what a process of collaborative exchange can generate.


We deliver our partners substantive, rigorous, and high-quality products, that meet the challenges of the moment and plant seeds that will endure through implementation.

Drawing of people gathered around a table pointing to a map


Is one in which all New York City residents have access to affordable housing, open space, well-paying jobs, and a transportation system that greets them where they live and takes them where they need to go.

Is one that is characterized by strong, resilient neighborhoods of healthy homes, clean air, an efficient built environment, and a thriving ecosystem of goods made and consumed locally. 

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Founded in 1963, Pratt Center is the oldest university-based community planning organization in the U.S. As part of Pratt Institute, we leverage professional skills in urban planning, architecture, design and public policy to work on the ground with community-based organizations to challenge systemic inequities and advance sustainable development.