Keena Suh

Associate Professor Interior Design
Keena Suh is an Associate Professor in the Interior Design Department where she teaches design studios, electives, and construction courses at undergraduate and graduate levels while coordinating the department’s construction-related courses. Her pedagogical focus is in fostering innovative learning and teaching opportunities through community-based, cross-disciplinary and collaborative learning. She has presented work on community-based projects integrating coursework at Pratt at conferences with focus ranging from the urban built environments to interior design. She serves as co-chair of a working group focused on the Design and Delivery of the Student Experience at Pratt for the upcoming Middle States accreditation review. She is a co-editor of Interior Provocations: History, Theory and Practice of Autonomous Interiors, author and section editor of Interior Provocations: Appropriate(d) Interiors, and serves as co-organizer of the Interior Provocations symposia. With an MArch from Columbia University, she has over twenty years of active professional practice in architecture and interior design, ranging from affordable housing to commercial and high-end residential design. Keena is part of an interdisciplinary, public history project launched through a Pratt strategic planning grant and sustained by faculty, administrators, and students in the schools of Architecture, Art, and Design. The project is committed to research (archival and oral history) and public engagement about the history of social activism beyond and between Pratt's gates.


Long Memories of Material Injustices (2023)
Community Photo Album (2019)