(Dis)placed in Sunset Park

“(Dis)Placed in Sunset Park” is an interactive multimedia story-based and mapping project that features short videos of Chinese, Latina and other (im)migrants, workers and residents in Brooklyn, New York’s diverse Sunset Park neighborhood. The common theme among their stories is the shared narrative of migration to the U.S., their journey to Sunset Park and their fears of displacement as a result of gentrification. Each story is grounded in the subject’s own sense of home, sanctuary and refuge that they have found in Sunset Park. The title refers to the way people are being “displaced in” their own community as it changes around them; and to the way some are being squeezed into smaller quarters within Sunset Park. Visitors can take a virtual tour of Sunset Park and unlock the stories of people who live and work there by using an augmented reality technology (AR) app. The virtual tour features video stories, images, maps, text, audio about the neighborhood. The project goals include collaborating with community groups to host community screenings, placekeeping walks and exhibitions in Sunset Park that highlight the neighborhoods anti-displacement organizing efforts as well as provide ways for people to get involved.

Project Year



  • Betty YuVisiting Assistant Professor Social Science and Cultural Studies
  • Caitlin CahillAssociate Professor Urban Geography and Politics