In The Right to Remain: A Case for Full Coverage in Good Cause Eviction Protections, Pratt Center and the Community Service Society of New York make the case that in order for Good Cause legislation to be as effective as possible it must be applied broadly, without means testing or geographic carve outs.

The white paper finds:

  • Good Cause would protect 1.6M households, nearly 50 percent of tenants statewide, the majority of whom live in counties with a median income at or lower than the state median income of $68,486.
  • The vast majority of unregulated tenants in the state live in units that rent under $3K a month. About 5 percent (172,000 units), however, rent for more than $3,000. A significant proportion of tenants in high-cost rentals are part of multi-generational households, in which multiple workers often share responsibility for covering the rent.
  • Many households in high-cost rentals are immigrant families. Forty percent of high-cost renter households in Queens speak a language other than English at home, as do more than 34 percent in Nassau, 36 percent in Suffolk, 25 percent in Manhattan, and 21 percent in Brooklyn.


An estimated 591,000 households in New York State are behind on rent as the state’s pandemic eviction moratorium is set to expire on January 15th. With pre-COVID eviction rates already high (nearly 100 families evicted daily in New York State), and rents rising rapidly throughout 2021, renters are in trouble. The National Equity Atlas estimates that 79% of those behind on rent in New York are low income and 72% are people of color.

Housing advocates are calling on New York State legislators to give renters greater security, stability and legal protection in the form of statewide Good Cause Eviction legislation. The bill (A5573/S1603) introduced by State Senator Julia Salazar and Assemblymember Pamela Hunter, would prevent no-fault evictions and expand the fundamental right to a lease renewal to almost half of tenants in the state.

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