Migration Stories in Multiple Media

Peter Macapia and Arlene Keizer will hold workshops with members of immigrant communities and the Brooklyn Public Library to reflect on, write, and illustrate personal experiences and ideas of immigration, community, and personal and public space. Their stories will be organized into a book for circulation throughout the library network. Our goal is to enhance the Library’s immigrant community services, expand and inspire community involvement, generate positive, creative, and long-lasting dialogue, and broaden our understanding of the importance, variety, and uniqueness of immigration. Brooklyn Public Library sees its mission as community building, particularly in the face of politics that threaten those communities and when the space of reasonable dialogue has all but disappeared from media: “libraries provides resources that support personal advancement, build civic engagement, and strengthen the fabric of community. Brooklyn Public Library collections are filled with millions of voices spanning different experiences, geographies, and generations and serve as a much-needed source of credible information at a time when distinctions between fact, opinion, and disinformation are not always clear.”

Project Year