Yeswanth Loganathan

MFA Interior Design '24
Yeswanth (Yash) Loganathan is pursuing a Master in Fine Arts specializing in Interior Design. His academic journey began with a background in Business Management, which he obtained from Loyola College in India. He was introduced to the world of design during his tenure as a management intern at a corporate interior firm. This transformative experience opened the doors to the design realm, captivating him with its dynamic and ever-evolving nature. Fueled by this newfound passion, he embarked on a path of higher education within the design field. A fundamental belief that guides his design philosophy is that designers are not solution providers but actively engage in nurturing meaningful dialogues around design solutions with their partners and clients to arrive at the solution. This collaborative and communicative approach stands at the core of his design ethos. His design interests are rooted in hospitality design and a community-centric approach to shaping spaces. His unique blend of design acumen coupled with a solid business background endows him with a distinctive perspective, enabling the creation of innovative design solutions. His ultimate aim is to contribute to the realm of interior design in a manner that harmoniously melds aesthetics and functionality, with a steadfast commitment to promoting community engagement and elevating the hospitality experience.


Equitable Economic Development through Creative Placemaking (2024)