Radhya Kareem

M.S. Historic Preservation '24
As a student of Historic Preservation at Pratt Institute, Radhya Kareem’s passion lies in understanding the connection between preserving the built environment and conserving ecology. Her research delves into how preserving the past can help communities envision solutions for the future, particularly in the context of port cities like the city where she is from, Karachi, and her current home New York City. As an aspiring polymath, her undergraduate degree in Architecture continues to shape her academic and professional journey. In Radhya’s creative and academic work, she employs a multi-layered cartography approach to understand the cities where she has lived. This method allows her to identify intersections and points of convergence across a diverse range of experiences, in an effort to celebrate diversity and promote pluralism in the built and lived environments. Outside of the studio Radhya can be found capturing the beauty of urban nature through photography and drawing, from the returning birds and butterflies in industrial environments to the changing seasons of foliage in the city. Radhya has a complex relationship with the NYC subway but it helps her to seek out and reach quiet urban oases, such as Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.


A flooded street in The Hole neighborhood looks more like a marsh, with tall grasses growing along the side. A row of houses are seen in the background
The Hole (2023)