Ayesha Agha

M.Arch candidate

Ayesha Agha (She/Her) is an intersectional feminist designer focused on restorative social and climate justice and the adaptive reuse of historic buildings. Agha was one of the founding members of the Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion organization at Pratt, and her personal and professional projects center around bringing a lens of collaboration, community, and empathy to architecture. 


Originally from Pakistan, Agha graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2014 with a B.A Cum Laude in Architectural Studies. She is currently a third year M.Arch candidate at the Pratt GAUD, where she is also a Graduate Research Assistant to the GAUD Chairperson.


The Green Stitch: Knitting Communities Together One Garden at a Time (2022)