Fear as Fuel

FEAR AS FUEL is a three-way collaboration between Recess, a participant-based nonprofit art space, and artists Shaun Leonardo and Hannah Celli, with 10 young men between the ages of 18-26, pioneering one of the first arts-based diversion programs open to individuals with felony charges. This project will consist of 12 weekly 2.5 hour sessions where collaborators will engage in workshops that focus on technical skills – ceramics, drawing, cinematography and movement – aimed at creating a series of short films grounded in the theme of fear: what is fear, how does it look and feel in the body, and how can be it transformed and used productively? Shaun and Hannah will lead exercises that encourage participants to examine their own personal histories, using their stories as fuel in the creation of short narrative pieces, sculptural props and costumes. Creative output will reflect imagined and/or real events in the lives of participants.

Project Year