A Food Buying Club for East New York

A group of young people sits around a table covered with paper and holding small wooden block objects and markers.

Building on a capstone research project in the Arts and Cultural Management program, the team will further engage with the East New York community to develop a community driven food buying club that provides year-round access to affordable, fresh food. The project encompasses the exploration of location options and location partners for regular deliveries, the co-creation of the logistics and the design of the communication system among food buying club members.

People gather around tables in a large meeting hall


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  • Pirco WolfframmAssistant Chairperson of Communications Design, Adjunct Professor - CCE UG Communications Design, GR Communications/Package Des
  • Stephanie Høholt-PajueloMFA Communication Design, 2019
  • Ava WangBFA Communications Design, 2019