The Neighborhood Data Portal (NDP) is a free online mapping application created by Pratt Center that integrates nearly three dozen vital datasets to break down New York City’s communities by the numbers. Users with little to no prior computer mapping experience can access demographic, land use, and other data at the neighborhood level to create customized maps.

Equal and free access to essential information about local neighborhoods is fundamental for community-based planning and policy-making. The Neighborhood Data Portal helps to close the access gap by removing the barriers of expensive GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping software and data or the educational requirements to use those tools. From who lives in a neighborhood to where community facilities and green spaces are located to what proportion of a neighborhood’s households are rent-burdened, a broad range of key localized information is now just a few clicks away and all in one place.

User Resources

Created in 2016 by GIS Specialist Sadra Shahab, the NDP platform has been updated annually to give users – especially staff at community-based organizations – greater access to and ability to visualize the information they need to develop responsive, impactful programs and to customize and share their work. 

Cover image of Neighborhood Data Portal User Guide, published October 2020


In 2020, we released a User Guide, which includes step-by-step instructions for using the NDP and its features; it has a data dictionary that defines and provides sources for all data sets that are hosted on the platform. You can access the guide here.

User Trainings

Pratt Center hosts regular training workshops for non-profit groups interested in using the NDP for their work. We also provide custom training for groups who want to use NDP to explore particular types of data in more depth. To be notified about future training events, please sign up here to receive Neighborhood Data Portal newsletter updates.

Periodically, we will convene a cohort of organizations active in the same mission space to participate in a workshop series and explore data and methods that are most relevant to their shared mission and program goals. Please sign up to be informed of future cohort recruitment.

Participants work on laptops during a training event hosted by Pratt Center
Pratt Center hosts free annual training events for staff at community based organizations and non-profits.

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