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Coney Island for All

Report  |  April 6, 2009

A coalition of community, labor, and housing organizations concerned with the future of Coney Island has joined in support of Coney Island for All: A Platform for Equitable Development, on which the Pratt Center for Community Development served as a key advisor. As a rezoning plan for Coney Island proceeds through the city's land use process, the platform outlines measures to ensure that new development in the beloved seaside area helps meet the area's deep needs for good jobs, affordable housing, retail services, preservation, and expansion of the historic amusement area and other community benefits.

The platform calls for, among other measures, responsible contractor and wage standards; training and hiring opportunities for residents in the area, where unemployment is at 13 percent; a commitment to making at least half of all new housing affordable to low, moderate, and middle-income New Yorkers (with half of that in turn affordable to the typical Coney Island household); use of City-owned land for affordable housing; encouragement of small retail businesses and restrictions on chain stores; and investments in improving and expanding local infrastructure, including new schools and a full-service supermarket.

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