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Energy Efficiency

Community Energy-Efficiency Retrofit Programs: A National Survey

Report  |  November 15, 2010

In the process of developing Retrofit NYC Block by Block, the Pratt Center reviewed the methods and accomplishments of eight community-based energy efficiency outreach programs outside of New York City:

  •      Cambridge Energy Alliance, Cambridge, MA
  •      Energy Efficiency and Conservation Options, Huntington, NY
  •      Home Energy Efficiency Team, Cambridge, MA
  •      Long Island Green Homes, Babylon, NY
  •      Marshfield Energy Challenge, Marshfield, MA
  •      Racine Energy Efficiency Program, Racine, WI
  •      SustainableWorks, Seattle, WA
  •      WeatherizeDC, Washington, D.C.

This report examines each of these initiatives in depth, with a focus on how they handle key components of a successful retrofit program: targeting buildings; community engagement; messaging and marketing; labor policies and workforce development;
retrofit measures and financing; and program logistics.

"Community Energy-Efficiency Programs: A National Survey" was written by Alexis Rourk Reyes and Ann D. Solomon.