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Growing a More Equitable Economy

Building a Vibrant Manufacturing Sector

Report  |  July 17, 2013

This concept paper contains recommendations for how New York City can build a healthy, vibrant manufacturing sector. Any comprehensive strategy to diversify our economic base, create well-paying jobs and promote the city’s long-term environmental sustainability must both capitalize on the city’s competitive advantages and address the challenges that manufacturers face in not only starting up but in growing their businesses here. This requires: 1) Space for production; 2) Economic development services that strengthen the relationships between manufacturers, markets, and the financial and intellectual resources that generate new products, as well as residents who need employment opportunities; and 3) A 21st Century infrastructure that facilitates the environmentally sustainable distribution and production of goods. This report includes over 15 industrial development strategies and policies to achieve these objectives, and realize New York City’s potential as a center of 21st century manufacturing jobs and innovation.