Photo of cover for EnergyFit NYC Final Report, published July 2018

This report presents recommendations based on findings from the EnergyFit Pilot, which tested a streamlined approach to residential energy retrofits along with a standardized package of energy efficiency measures in 32 one- and two-family homes in New York City during the first six months of 2016.  

Contractor uses a caulking gun to seal around windows in one of the EnergyFit pilot homes.

The EnergyFit Pilot tested a standardized approach in a subset of 1- and 2-family, attached, gas-heated, masonry homes built before 1930 (characteristics which are prevalent in a typical New York City rowhouse). Pratt Center connected with 730 interested homeowners, conducted 414 intakes and 89 assessments and completed 32 retrofits within the first six months of 2016. Each home had the same package of work installed, which included:

  • Three-tiered air sealing and weatherstripping of the building
  • Air sealing and insulation of the roof hatch 
  • Air sealing and insulation of the attic cavity 
  • Health and safety fixes, as needed, up to $400
Sample spread from the report lists the report recommendations


Pratt Center’s recommendations for a successful NYC-focused small homes retrofit program, with the particular needs of low- and moderate-income homeowners in mind, include:

  • Offer a Standard Package of retrofit measures
  • Simplify the homeowner engagement process
  • Elevate the importance of Health & Safety in program design and communication
  • Address additional barriers particular to moderate-income households
Cover of EnergyFit NYC Final Report, published July 2018

Project Status

Completed 2018


  • Research & Analysis
  • Program Design & Implementation

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