Pratt Center

February 10, 2014

It Really Does Take a Village to Rebuild After Sandy

Pratt Center’s Elana Bulman and Pratt Institute Professor of Architecture, Deborah Gans, spoke with WNYC about Pratt Center’s post-Sandy resiliency planning work in Sheepshead Bay, which involves solving drainage problems while elevating homes at the same time. In order to address the complications and urgency of rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, along with the absence of formal local stakeholder representation, Pratt Center collaborated with a group of impacted homeowners providing them with preliminary architectural assistance to support their rebuilding efforts. As a framework for elevating multiple homes simultaneously and integrating residential rebuilding into the creation of a more resilient infrastructure, Pratt Center’s recommendations collectively represent a more comprehensive approach to rebuilding and climate adaptation in waterfront communities. To read more about Pratt Center’s climate resiliency planning in Sheepshead Bay, click here.  

To hear the entire segment from WNYC, listen below.

To read the full story from WNYC, click here.