Building Resilient Communities

Against mounting inequality and ecological risk, all New Yorkers must be empowered to take part in the planning and development of their communities.

New York City’s low- and moderate-income communities have been disparately impacted by large-scale problems including climate change, unemployment and underemployment, an aging and outdated infrastructure, rising energy costs, the shift to a low-wage service economy, and the diminution of public services.

Mutually-reinforcing and interconnected, these problems are the collective product of top-down public policies and market-driven planning largely implemented without the input and guidance of those forced to unevenly shoulder their burdens.

We believe that inclusive action is key to realizing more economically and environmentally sustainable communities. For 50 years, Pratt Center has been privileged to partner with and support hundreds of local organizations and grassroots groups working toward community-driven solutions to our most daunting challenges. We utilize participatory planning, geospatial analysis, mapping, public outreach, and urban design skills to tap communities’ visions and voices and to collaboratively create local responses to large-scale problems. We strive to amplify knowledge from the community - while also providing data and important information to the community - regarding our local partners' most pressing issues. With the tools and methods of sustainable community planning, local stakeholders can secure:

  • Accessible, well-maintained open space;
  • Vacant site development that meets communities’ stated needs;
  • Increased access to healthy, affordable food;
  • Community-responsive commercial corridors where local businesses can thrive;
  • Climate resilient communities; and
  • Resources to realize the long-term visions of local groups.