Pratt Center

July 22, 2010

Green Agenda for Jackson Heights Released

On Saturday, May 22, the Pratt Center, Queens Community House and Friends of Travers Park released the Green Agenda for Jackson Heights, the product of a five-month, community-wide visioning process for a sustainable future in one of New York City's most diverse neighborhoods. 

More than 400 community members contributed to multilingual grassroots planning sessions, which were held by volunteers in living rooms, schools, houses of worship, community centers, and senior centers. Participants identified priority areas for greening Jackson Heights, including expanding open space, reducing waste, and many other steps toward environmental and economic sustainability. Residents proposed strategies that built upon existing strengths while addressing neighborhood concerns. The final document includes goals as well as recommendations thatcan be implemented legislatively, by community-based organizations, and by individuals.

Download the Green Agenda here! [19 MB]

The recommendations in The Green Agenda go beyond climate change and environmental issues because building a sustainability movement and changing ingrained behaviors requires a positive and comprehensive vision, which the residents of Jackson Heights have defined to include a healthier, affordable, friendlier, and more equitable community.

The Green Agenda for Jackson Heights is one of many neighborhood-led sustainability planning efforts the Pratt Center is advising that reduce the toll that our city takes on the planet, and to make communities more resilient environmentally and economically.