Olivia Watts

Operations and Development Fellow

As the Operations and Development fellow, Olivia supports Pratt Center staff in conducting research and analysis to understand external relations and partnership-building on a wide range of Pratt Center projects. Olivia is working to build out a system that will keep track of Pratt's many external relationships with various CBO's and agencies, throughout the five boroughs. The system will help current and future staff understand the context, depth, procedure of communication, and consequent relation-building to help identify strategic leverage, communication tools, and areas of opportunity. This project will be expanded upon to understand where and how the CBO movement is growing and how that is important to the effectiveness of Pratt's various projects and the communities in which they participate and collaborate with. Olivia also will be working on a policy project, which is yet to be determined, but she is excited to explore the opportunities at Pratt, hoping for something within housing.