Pratt Center

October 5, 2018

Generations of Pratt Center staff and fellows gather in Brooklyn


On October 3, 2018, Pratt Center for Community Development hosted a gathering for staff alumni, community planning fellows, Rose Architectural Fellows, and Community Economic Development Internship graduates at Pratt Institute's Library in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Over 70 former staff and fellows joined with current staff to mingle, catch up, and trade stories over light food and refreshments. 

The gathering took place against the backdrop of an exhibition showcasing a selection of historical work and artifacts that narrate Pratt Center’s rich history. After mingling in the exhibition space on the first floor of the library, guests transitioned to the 3rd Floor Alumni Reading Room, where a digital slideshow displayed photos from across the decades of Pratt Center's work.

Pratt Center Director Adam Friedman welcomed guests and shared brief remarks highlighting Pratt Center's latest report, Flawed Findings, which was a collaboration between Pratt Center and GCPE alumna and former Pratt Center fellow Renae Widdison. Guests took home copies of Flawed Findings and screen printed tote bags by Reconnect Brooklyn. Drinks were provided by Brooklyn-based Three's Brewing.

The reception launched a new Pratt Center Alumni Program that seeks to reconnect talented staff, fellows, interns and graduates who have helped shape Pratt Center’s values across 50 robust years.

Photos from the event can be viewed on Pratt Center's Facebook page.

We welcome volunteers to help us get our ambitious alumni programming up and running. If you are interested or have suggestions, please contact Nepal Asatthawasi at or 718-637-8643