Pratt Center

August 9, 2016

The Equitable Innovation Economies Initiative helps four cities collaborate to tackle equity issues in innovation and manufacturing

For the last two years, civic leaders from Indianapolis, New York City, Portland, OR and San Jose, CA, have been focused on leveraging investment in their local innovation economies to drive more broad-based benefits through the Equitable Innovation Economies Initiative (EIE). Spearheaded by Pratt Center and PolicyLink, EIE has offered a framework and process to help these cities collectively build new, more inclusive approaches to their economic development work. 

Today, Pratt Center and partners launched City Snapshot profiles for each of the participating cities as the first in a series of EIE resources which capture the process and early insights from this collaboration. They explore how each city prioritized equity objectives  across select strategies - from industrial redevelopment to entrepreneur support to youth-focused workforce development  - and how they refine their programs to meet these goals. Read more