Pratt Center

May 28, 2013

Apply Now! Pratt Center Launches New Fellowship Program

The Pratt Center for Community Development is pleased to announce the launch of the Taconic Fellowship Program and to invite applications from faculty, staff, and students. The new Fellowship was made possible by a grant from the Taconic Foundation and provides financial awards in support of field work that advances the Pratt Center’s goals of sustainability and equity in community development and responds to the evolving needs of a changing society.

The goals of the Fellowship are to expose more disciplines to community development work and to support Pratt Institute’s commitment to collaboration, inter-disciplinary projects, and service learning opportunities.

The Center is now accepting proposals for new community-serving projects or responding to requests from current Pratt Center community-based and manufacturing oriented clients and/or community partners. You can propose a project with one of Pratt Center’s existing clients and/or community partners (click here for details) or you can suggest a project with a community group with which you’re already working (for example, a merchants association, a BID, a community development corporation, a tenants association, a neighborhood- or issue-based advocacy group).