2015-2016 Taconic Fellowships

Bridging community development across Pratt Institute's diverse disciplines.

Composting Youth Participation and Education Initiative

This youth development project focuses on sustainability. It features Educational workshops on urban ecology, community gardening, composting, and design for a compost bin.
Community Partner 200 Lexington Block and Clifton Place Block Association Community Garden
Pratt Faculty Mark Parsons
Pratt Students Emma Weiss, Graduate Student in Architecture 
Jennifer Arizala, Graduate Student in Architecture 
Agathe Ceccaldi, Graduate Student in Architecture 


Grey to Green

This Green infrastructure project addresses combined sewer overflow into Newtown Creek. It identifies how much storm water capture is needed to stop a particular overflow into the Creek, and engages the local community to achieve this goal.
Community Partner Newton Creek Alliance
Pratt Staff Josh Eichen, Pratt Center for Community Development
Pratt Student Meera Vaidya, Graduate Student in Sustainable Environmental Systems


Photo Narratives for Change

This participatory action research project engages low-income Bronx Community College students in documenting their communities through photography and narrative.
Community Partner Bronx Community College
Pratt Faculty Svetlana Jovic, Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies
Pratt Student Andrew Jarman, Undergraduate Photography Student


Sustainability Indicators for Greenest Block in Brooklyn

This project evaluates the “Greenest Block in Brooklyn” initiative by creating a list of sustainability indicators to quantify the  environmental impact of the program.
Community Partner Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Greenbridge Program
Pratt Faculty Ira Stern, Sustainable Planning and Development
Pratt Student Michelle Gluck, Graduate Student in Sustainable Environmental Systems


Listening Bench

The Listening Bench project collects oral histories through workshops with Gibb Mansion residents.  The oral histories are recorded and fragments are played on an interactive outdoor bench at the facility.
Community Partner Gibb Mansion, Pratt Area Community Council
Pratt Faculty Theodora Skipitares, Art and Design Education
Pratt Students Theodore Atuluku, Interior Design
Emma Miller, Undergraduate student in Art and Design Education


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