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The Pratt Center for Community Development works for a more just, equitable, and sustainable city for all New Yorkers by empowering communities to plan for and realize their futures. As part of Pratt Institute, Pratt Center leverages professional skills – especially planning, architecture, design and public policy – to support community-based organizations in their efforts to improve neighborhood quality of life, attack the cause of poverty an inequality, and advance sustainable development.

Contact: Tanu Kumar, Senior Planner for Economic Development,

UMA is a coalition of 400 members across 120 cities who are sustaining and growing manufacturing in urban centers. Through conferences, original research, policy development, and our newly launched Communities of Practice, UMA is working to ensure that cities continue to be places where we make things.

Manufacturing matters, and it matters deeply to the health and vitality of cities. A strong urban manufacturing base supports innovation, sustains living-wage jobs which provide a crucial pathway to the middle class, promotes workforce inclusion, and increasingly advances environmental sustainability.

Contact: Katy Stanton, Program & Membership Manager,

PolicyLink is a national research and action institute advancing economic and social equity by Lifting Up What Works.

Founded in 1999, PolicyLink connects the work of people on the ground to the creation of sustainable communities of opportunity. Such communities offer access to quality jobs, affordable housing, good schools, transportation, and the benefits of healthy food and physical activity. Our work is grounded in the conviction that equity – just and full inclusion – must drive all policy decisions.

Since 2011, PolicyLink has been making the economic case for equity. As America quickly becomes a majority people-of-color nation, our economic fate hinges on ensuring that communities of color can contribute as workers, entrepreneurs, innovators, customers, and leaders. PolicyLink is working with local and national partners to catalyze a new conversation about equity as an economic driver and advance polices and strategies to build an equitable economy: one in which everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

Contact: Chris Schildt, Senior Associate,